Personal Branding

A memorable and evolving personal brand is vitally important in a first meeting, advancing your career and in social settings.

Everyone has a personal brand. It makes up who we are and it is a combination of image and presentation, reputation, career and personal life highlights, capability, personal traits, family status and aspirations. A personal brand is unique and individual. It does not stand still and evolves with time and experience. It is also very important to get right in today’s competitive market place.

Have you thought about how your personal brand is perceived?

  • How do you represent yourself – your brand?
  • What is your ultimate greeting - how well do you greet colleagues and clients?
  • How well do you remember names when you are introduced ?
  • How well do you communicate with diplomacy and professionalism?
  • Do you manage social media channels to promote your brand?
  • What protocols do you consider when communicating on line?
  • Are you aware of how to present your business card as an extension of your brand?
  • Do you always know how to respond in varying situations with cultural sensitivity?
  • How would you regard your level of etiquette intelligence?
  • Are you a confident and gracious host when entertaining?
  • How confident are you in making an entrance into a room and mingling with guests in business and social settings?
  • When was the last time you sent a written thank you note and when is this appropriate?
  • How confident are you in formal and informal settings and in different cultural settings?
  • Do you wish to know more about dating etiquette to enhance your relationships and interactions in the digital age?
  • Do you have a comprehensive understanding of business protocols for success in a global context?

Personal Brand Self Audit

We invite you to explore the Personal Brand Self Audit and discover your true potential and the opportunities for enhancing and refining your brand.

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