Global Corporate Citizen

To gain a competitive edge and advance to the top in your Global Corporate career, the Sydney School of Protocol offer clients a thorough needs analysis to ensure classes suit individual needs. To help improve your soft skills, communication skills and build your confidence, we offer complete programs or an integrated series of Master Classes from one to five days.

Give your students the competitive edge in the job market. Click here to read the PDF and discover the unique, Sydney School of Protocol, Global Corporate Citizen, seven-day program designed for Universities. The first of it's kind in Australia available to universities across Australia. 


Impress others
Personal brand
Self awareness
How to sell yourself
Building confidence
Aligning personal and business brand

Exude confidence 
How to control your first impressions
How to make an entrance
How to work the room

Professional networking
Handshaking and the ultimate greeting
Introducing yourself and others
Eye contact
Mingling proficiency
Remembering names Cultural confidence 

Digital profile  
Digital communication
Negotiation skills
Face-to-face meetings and conferences
Pitching with impact

Personal image     
Grooming and presentation  
Skincare and haircare
Health and wellbeing
Wardrobe and styling
Dress code and presentation
Posture and body language 

Social skills   
Business Etiquette
Forms of address
Ranks and status
Business cards
Effective small talk
Dining and entertaining skills 

Real-world experience  
Putting into practice
Engaging in industry events Internship and work placement
First 90 days
Adapting to your work culture 
Fostering teamwork

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