Case Studies

Global Corporate Citizenship

The Brief
The University of Adelaide – Faculty of the Professions, approached the Sydney School of Protocol to host, event manage and deliver an augural Study Tour in Sydney for undergraduates (Law, Accounting, Marketing and Environment Studies). Students were selected to attend a five - day live in program in Sydney - “Becoming a Corporate Global Citizen.” The brief to develop, design and deliver an experiential, personal and professional development program to enable students to deliver and build exceptional business and social relationships:

  • with professionalism, polish, confidence and competence
  • aligned to their personal brand, underpinned by values and behaviours
  • with measures for continuous improvement and,
  • building on the foundations with a renewed focus on the finer details to create a competitive edge

The overarching brief was to complement the student’s academic studies and develop skills for increasing their employability in the global market.

The Solution
The School developed a unique program that built on the under-graduates academic backgrounds and experience. The program was praised for its relevance to the graduates in developing skills and knowledge for preparing themselves for employment in a global environment. A deeper understanding of ethics, protocol, modern business etiquette and manners, formed the foundation elements for in depth training in life and interpersonal
skills. According to the feedback from the Lead Professor and students the program provided a unique experience to prepare for their future, career opportunities and personal life skills. Hosted with our partner, Sofitel Sydney Wentworth, the students immersed themselves into the heart of the business district in Sydney including site visits to several leading companies in the CBD.

“Within a week, I gained a new perspective on my career pathways and learnt how I could succeed in the corporate world. I therefore feel this tour is valuable for students who want to gain a ‘kick-start’ in their corporate career and learn skills that cannot be taught in a classroom setting.”
- Olivia Mittiga

"On the fifth day of the study tour, we were amazed with how far we had come in such a short period of time. In particular, it was a highlight to see how we all had improved our gravitas and entrance into a room!"
- Tina Tran and Anita Bryant

"By refining our dining etiquette, we open up the opportunity for ourselves to impress potential employers or clients we might find ourselves acquainted with during these occasions. As future business leaders we want to make sure we use the right tools to make the world our 'oyster'."
- Mervyn Tan and Nicholas Theodorakoupoulos


Brand Service Leadership and Customer Service Program

The Brief
A well-established Wealth Management Company in Australia partnered with the Sydney School of Protocol to design and develop a program with the objective of delivering a premium service for high wealth clients and internal stakeholders including the Board and Executive Management team. This was in conjunction with an investment in a custom designed fit out of the client services and front of house environment.

The Solution
The School worked with the Culture/Change management team to define the service vision, strategy, signatures and standards as the foundation for the training program. A step change for team, was the business need to support and complement the significant investment in hard product and environmental fit-out. A unique series of mastery sessions were tailored for the front and back of house management of the new environment to include brand alignment, communication skills, and image, presentation and facility management. The School worked in close liaison with key stakeholders including the Cultural Change Management team to ensure we met the required outcomes for the new front and back of of house Concierge team and contractors. The Sydney School of Protocol was able to match the facilitator’s expertise with the context and objectives of the mastery sessions to more effectively deliver on the learning outcomes.

Personal Brand

The Brief
One of the top ten Law Companies in Australia presented the Sydney School of Protocol with the opportunity to create a seminar for 100 of their employees including partners. The presentation was customised and facilitated by two experts on the team to raise awareness of personal brand and the link to the business brand, with a focus on finessing interpersonal skills and strategies for building relationships for success in business.

The Solution
The seminars offer a focus on practical and pragmatic scenarios relevant to the work environment of the participants. A level of awareness was raised on how perceptions can influence client decisions and internal relationship building. The training helped to create a heightened awareness of the value of etiquette and protocol intelligence in the business environment for success.

Global Leadership

The Brief
One of the top Group Audit departments within a leading Australia bank conducts an offsite self-development seminar annually for up to 100 Managers and Associates. This program is intended to provide a demonstration of the leadership caring for their people and offering life skills interactive seminars to include work life balance, nutrition, financial planning and interpersonal / soft skills.

The Solution
The seminar offered a focus on practical scenarios relevant for creating first impressions and alignment between the participant’s personal brand and the business brand values.
The training helped to create a heightened awareness of the value of defining and building your personal brand and incorporating the principles of ethics, modern etiquette and protocol intelligence into the participant’s daily lives for success on a professional and personal level. The participants valued the top ten tangible tips and strategies that they could put in place immediately.


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