The inappropriateness of photobombing

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In a moment of time in the history of Australia, a photo bomber thought it was appropriate to join the newly elected Prime Minister, Tony Abbott, his wife Margie and daughters Frances, Louise and Bridget after his victory speech at the Four Seasons Hotel in Sydney on Saturday night September 07 2013.

The Abbott’s presented a picture of style and class, beautifully dressed, composed and naturally enjoying the historic moment for both themselves but also the country, when in the most inappropriate manner a photo bomber appeared on stage.

This individual, apparently some sort of anti- coal protester and playwriting student, some how thought that he should inject himself into a situation where he was neither wanted nor deserved to be and nor had any right to be there.

Apart from the clear lack of security, for this individual to be so close to the Abbott’s, there is no excuse for his behavior and appalling lack of manners to the Abbott’s, those at the function and to the millions of Australians watching on television.

Decorum is about understanding the appropriateness of one’s action and this individual demonstrated a complete lack of understanding of this and it is good to see he has not been lauded in any way for his actions.

It is fortunate the new Prime Minister and his family were able to rise above his lack of manners and simple commonsense.


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