Global Intelligence

Navigating complex business and social relationships, locally and in different countries requires a level of global intelligence. Being intuitive and sensitive to the many different personality types, styles and importantly cultures will add value to your personal and company brand.

Test your competence in this area and consider where you would like to enhance your skills.

  • How well developed is your cultural sensitivity?
  • Mindfulness - do you engage in mindfulness techniques?
  • Are you an effective business traveller adapting to change and cultures?
  • How do global communication styles vary?
  • Are you a confident presenter?
  • Do you manage your social media channels effectively?
  • How successful are you at business networking?
  • How would you rate your personal presence?
  • What do you do to develop and enhance your global leadership skills?
  • Have you an understanding of what the key drivers are for consistently delivering customer service excellence?

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