Dine Like a Diplomat

To get that competitive edge and advance to the top the Sydney School of Protocol offers clients a thorough needs analysis to ensure classes suit individual needs. To help improve soft skills, polish style, improve communication skills and build confidence we offer complete programs and an integrated series of Master Classes.


  • Successful negotiation and business brokering over the dining table
  • Tools for creating memorable experiences as either a host or guest
  • Understanding international protocols and cultural differences
  • Enhancing client relationships in social settings
  • Improved confidence and awareness of international dining etiquette and protocols

Host and Guest Duties
Being the perfect host
Being the perfect guest
Hosting a business meal

Styles of Eating

Table Etiquette
Seating arrangements
Table settings
Taking your seat

Business Etiquette and Protocol
Receiving lines
Paying the bill and tipping
Excusing yourself from the table

Silverware & Stemware Etiquette
Silverware savvy
Wine selection and tasting

Eating Various Foods
​How to eat various foods
Navigating the menu and wine selection

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