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Social Distancing Etiquette

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Reading the news this morning it was pleasing to see the great job Australian's have done to "flatten" the curve. Thank you to all our health care workers, caring communities and volunteers. While this is good news it is important that we continue with the protocols for social distancing. This is a good opportunity for everyone to be mindful of vulnerable people in our community. Whether we are exercising, visiting parks, supermarkets and on pavements, simple actions can create a feeling of warmth and respect amongst our community. While I was exercising in Mosman, Sydney this morning I was thinking how it is still important for us all to continue to embrace the following etiquette and protocols:  

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Newfound etiquette discovered with Coronvirus

Newfound Etiquette with Coronavirus

With the COVID-19 pandemic we are re-discovering the value of etiquette, manners and protocol.

Etiquette is “knowing what is appropriate when”. With the introduction of new protocols which have being introduced, for example, greetings, replacing handshakes with a head nod or air kissing, we are re-educating young children and adults to make the appropriate judgements depending on each situation.

No more than at present we are seeing everyone supporting and respecting each other on many levels. Across the globe we see neighbourhoods and communities thinking of innovative ways to engage and keep people’s spirits up.

This has heightened the awareness of good etiquette and manners. Our new habits and approach may in many cases positively change our world going forward. For example, good etiquette such as how to sneeze into your elbow, maintain cleanliness in shared working spaces, being courteous and mindful of behaviours in public places such as supermarkets and public transport.

Our communications have also increased on a positive note. Via the technology options we have at hand is encouraging people to check in more often with family, colleagues, neighbours, those in self-isolation and overseas.

With the dynamic changes we are experiencing we are about to discover a renewed language of etiquette, manners and protocols for the future.



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In gratitude to June Dally - Watkins

It is with sadness that we acknowledge the passing of Australian etiquette doyenne June Dally-Watkins.

June Dally-Watkins has left us all with a wonderful and rich legacy. Her teaching, mentoring and coaching in etiquette, manners, deportment and modelling, extended across many generations and cultures.

Her commitment early in her career to her vision and meeting the challenges of balancing her business, family and the world of fashion, is an example to women across the globe. In recent years she extended her teaching into China helping young students to be confident, polished and poised. All of which is a true testament to the strength and passion June Dally-Watkins had for sharing her experience and knowledge along with being recognised for her inimitable style and flair.

June Dally-Watkins was a source of inspiration for launching the Sydney School of Protocol in 2012. We are privileged to have in our library a copy of “The June Dally Watkins Book of Manners for Moderns” by Christine Chaseling, published in 1969. What is written in “Manners for Moderns” is as relevant now as it was then, perhaps even more so today for civility in the dynamic world we live in.



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Celebrating International Women's Day 2019

Celebrating Women's International Day

Throughout our Women in Front Mastery program series we have seen the courage of many women, from diverse professional and cultural backgrounds, who have invested time and effort to develop their “best self”.

This transformation often entails taking a step up to empower ourselves from within and think about our personal challenges and goals. In this way we often gain a better understanding of how this affects our behaviour, (both verbal and non-verbal actions with others) and how others perceive us in the few vital seconds of forming a first impression. 

At the Sydney School of Protocol we have a deep admiration for the women across generations, cultures and professions who strive to enrich their lives and seize each and every opportunity for self development and fulfilment. 

To celebrate, we would like to thank our Women in Front clients who have taken this step and join them and our broader community to recognise the achievements of women across the globe.

To celebrate International Women’s Day 2019 we are extending an exclusive offer of $849.00 per person for a group, Women in Front Mastery One Day Program, valid up to 31 March 2019. Limited to 10 participants.

Find out more on our link to the program Women in Front or call Julie to discuss on +61 0452 553 855. 



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