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Women in Front | Joanne Cigan Testimonial

Outclass Competition | Pedro Banales Testimonial

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Outclass the Competition Mastery Series | Brad Casey Klorman Industries Pty Ltd NSW 

Business Etiquette Program | Riki Guan Bank of China 

Executive Business Etiquette Program | Founder/Director of Sparkling White Smile Alison Egan  

Executive Business Etiquette Program | Owner of Sparkling White Smile Kellyville NSW Donna Fahandezh

Business Etiquette Program | Diana Cui Bank of China 

Had I picked up only a quarter of what I learned from the Sydney School of Protocol's Finishing and Dining course, it still would have been entirely worth the investment. Julie and Ariel are both naturally polished people with much to offer, and Julie (who founded the School) with her deep experience in etiquette is switched on to the nuances of modern business and social situations. The location and overall quality of the experience is excellent. 
Kate - Change Manager, Special Winter Edition Finishing Program August 2019 

The one on one coaching improved my confidence immensely, equipped me with the right professional and social etiquette skills, enabled me to present myself with ease in networking functions, enhanced my image and reputation in the business world, transitioned from just being ‘functioning’ to ‘flourishing’ at work. Words can’t express how grateful I am for all the help and support that I received from Julie and her team. - Manager, Financial Investor Relations

"The course was excellent, thank you. It has been quite a revelation that although I am not a naturally outgoing person, there are achievable changes that I can make to my personal presentation that will help me to be more self-assured and confident. I believe this will make social and business situations more enjoyable in the future, and also serve me well from a professional perspective when I re-enter the workforce. It was great that there were three different teachers for the three different parts of my tailored program. This gave me confidence that I was learning from an expert for each topic"
Health Professional and Mother

"Every minute of the training made me more of aware of my behaviour and manners and this will help me to provide excellent service to our clients.The customers experience is paramount and creating a work ethic so everyone is on the same page to support this was invaluable"
Investor Bank - Sydney - Customer Service  /Concierge Program 

"The private coaching was immensely helpful in polishing up on my business and social etiquette skills including networking, dining, communications, image and presentation and making a positive first impression"
Leading Sydney Barrister 

Global Corporate Citizen Program - Adelaide University Study Tours 2016/2017 

"Within a week, I gained a new perspective on my career pathways and learnt how I could succeed in the corporate world. I therefore feel this tour is valuable for students who want to gain a ‘kick-start’ in their corporate career and learn skills that cannot be taught in a classroom setting".

"Sessions with the Sydney School of Protocol gave students a new confidence in their ability to effectively navigate a variety of business situations and relationships. They learnt about what it means to be a global corporate citizen, interacting with authenticity and integrity."

“This study tour provides students with knowledge and skills to prepare them for their professional lives and to be competitive in a global corporate environment”.

“It undoubtedly helps students stand out with experience and knowledge other students would not have”.

“The study tour has helped in opening my mind up to learning and developing myself, to think about my career as a journey that I am in control of”.

“The program has heightened my self-awareness. My personal presentation has improved enormously after this experience”.

“The biggest skills I’ve developed through this study tour were the transferable skills, communication, teamwork and networking. Skills we would need in any industry we end up working in”.

"Thank you, Julie and the team of experts for sharing the wealth of knowledge and experience by covering a series of topics ranging from communication, style, career tools and dining etiquette.
The lessons were up-to-date, practical and well presented. I appreciated that Julie customized the lesson structure and communicated well to monitor the progress.I feel much more confident now with the improved skill set I learned from the Sydney School of Protocol."

"It has been an honor to be taught by the Sydney School of Protocol, led by yourself. We will be forever grateful for the skills you have given us to take through life".  

"I am so much appreciated the passion and care you demonstrated during the week. I have learned so much from your training that will assist me in my future workplace. Thank you for the wonderful training and new skills I have." 
- Nghi Nguyen 

"Within a week, I gained a new perspective on my career pathways and learnt how I could succeed in the corporate world. I therefore feel this tour is valuable for students who want to gain a ‘kick-start’ in their corporate career and learn skills that cannot be taught in a classroom setting". 
- Olivia Mittaga University of Adelaide 

"My training program "Becoming a Corporate Global Citizen" was an absolute paradigm shifting experience. The lessons learnt have allowed me to improve and optimize my etiquette skills. It will certainly be an invaluable and competitive edge for me as I promote my personal brand within a professional and casual environment. The professionalism shown by Julie and Simone was a catalyst in my transformation over this supercharged session. The feedback received was immediate and they were on point to correct any discrepancies in my performance. Such feedback will prove valuable as I bring forth the life skills that I have learnt into the corporate world."
Marcos Martinez, Law Graduate, Perth

"On the fifth day of the study tour, we were amazed with how far we had come in such a short period of time. In particular, it was a highlight to see how we all had improved our gravitas and entrance into a room!"
- Tina Tran and Anita Bryant - The University of Adelaide 

"Our Manager was very impressed with our training with SSOP. Indeed the session is also useful for ourselves in our daily life.

The role-plays in different scenarios allow us to implement theories into real situations. The private session gives us hands-on trainings and instant feedback, which is way better than a group session. Four things I learnt I did not know before I started the session:

1. statistics related to protocol and human relations

2. differences between Chinese and Western etiquette

3. language or jargons in Western etiquette

4. appropriate responses under different circumstances

5. the way to present ourselves in an elegant manner, business introductions"

- Jocelyn Cheung & Michael Kwok - Business Consultants - Hong Kong 

Career Advancement

"A unique training experience with relevant content and strategies for bringing about change and improvement. I thoroughly enjoyed the one on one experience, and thought the venue was entirely suitable for the learning. Thank you so much Julie making me feel so welcome and comfortable. The facilitators offered a variety of approaches and the learning was tailored to my needs. I appreciated the regular check ins and opportunities for reflection as we moved through the content"
- Michelle McCathy, New Zealand 

"Favourite part of the program: 'delving into my leadership style and working on strategies to improve myself both professionally and personally'.
Aspects I learned and didn't know before I started the program: 'perception is everything, how to enter a room, introductions the right way and concentrating on behaviours not the person when providing feedback'.
I feel I got what I needed and more than I expected."
School Principal, Sydney Australia

"The best parts of the Personal Brand Development program sessions were: I enjoyed the structure of the sessions as they were organised in a way to build upon the individual’s foundations. Each session focussed on a different area and was​ structured to improve and enhance the individual and to help present one’s best self. I enjoyed the START - STOP - CONTINUE as it helped me visualise my progress and what I wanted to achieve. Throughout the course you are guided to appreciate your potential and attain polish and refinement in your actions and interactions"
Miriam Khoury - Speech & Drama Teacher Sydney  

Dining & Entertaining Programs

"Thank you for such a wonderful day. The team thoroughly enjoyed the Dine like a Diplomat session and felt a great benefit of the time spent with you with nothing but positive feedback and plenty of helpful skills which they can take onboard when next hosting clients" - Luxury Global Fashion Brand Sydney Opera House 2022 

"The best parts of the Dine like an Executive program session were the interactive scenarios and situations where we practised what we learnt. The approach was refreshing and helped everyone to hone their skills and gain new tools and tips for business dining, hosting and becoming a perfect guest.
We enjoyed the structure of the mastery session as a journey and how things were discussed in order of when they would be relevant in a business context.
The highlights of the session were understanding how to enter a room, and enter and exit a conversation politely; the importance of composure and pacing yourself; as well as excellent table manners and hosting skills"
Event Planet Australia Sydney

"Thank you Julie and team for your expert advice and instruction during our team’s completion of your Dine Like a Diplomat masterclass. We took away a refinement of critical etiquette skills which are invaluable in working in today’s multicultural business landscape. A worthwhile investment to ensure the team puts their best foot forward in both business and social contexts." 
- Informatica Sales Team 

"It was lovely to meet you and thank you so much for the Dining session for the team last week.
We all thoroughly enjoyed it and learned a lot." 
Corporate Client 

“It was a delightful experience for our family, from the hosts, to gorgeous food and the etiquette we learned. The kids had some initial reservation, understandably because this was not an every day event parents would have their children participating in. But in the end they admitted they did take away new understanding and valuable skills. I think, with modern parents' willingness to spend on their children's education, extracurricular skills from sport to music etc. this should be another skill to invest in. This will open up the children's mind and knowledge, helping them to develop into the global citizens essential for their adult lives and future careers. Also instructions coming from an outside source definitely have a stronger impact on the children's acceptance. Thank you very much Julie”  
Family Dining Experience - Baotram Lam 

"I liked the practical nature of the course. It was not lecture style but rather question and answer and conversational. Three things I learnt that I didn't know before are: leave the table from the right, enter from the right, don't start bread until entree is served. Now that I have completed the course with my family I feel that my family has a new respect for table manners and etiquette. I would recommend this course to everyone. It should be taught in schools as part of basic social skills. Thank you again for a wonderful experience." 
- Dine like a Diplomat Master Class hosted at the Sofitel Sydney Wentworth Hotel

"By refining our dining etiquette, we open up the opportunity for ourselves to impress potential employers or clients we might find ourselves acquainted with during these occasions. As future business leaders we want to make sure we use the right tools to make the world our 'oyster'." 
- Mervyn Tan and Nicholas Theodorakoupoulos The University of Adelaide  

Women in Front 

"It was a step forward in helping me become the best version of my professional self. I have already put some things into practice. We were introduced to our new CFO and I used my full name! I know there is much more for me to improve but I am hopeful, because I will strive to wear my "crown" each day." It is a reflection of not only the woman I want to become, but the woman I already am inside" 
- Linda - Sydney Australia 

"I learnt so much more than I ever envisaged, that I will be putting into practice everyday for the rest of my life. What I learnt has become so normal and natural"
- Joanne - Cairns Australia 

Discovery Program & Smart Communications

Linda Lou

Linda joined our popular Discovery Program Series in 2019 and followed up with a Mastery session in 2020 in Smart Communications. Linda was seeking to enhance her techniques and tools for effective video interviews.
We congratulate Linda on her latest interview segment on the "Insider" chatting with Anita Savage, a highly experienced broadcast journalist and the first News Director of Hope Media Limited - HOPE 103.2FM
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