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Founded by Julie Lamberg-Burnet bringing over 20 years of proven experience in building brands and transforming individuals – the Sydney School’s philosophy considers that etiquette and protocols have not changed for many centuries. It is the landscape that has changed. Across communication, the competitive job market and relationship building people want to know how to act and behave appropriately in a range of business and personal settings.
Interpersonal skills are an integral part of developing social and business intelligence and enhancing life skills is a prerequisite for success. Established in 2013 the Sydney School of Protocol offers a contemporary approach in delivering internationally recognised protocol and etiquette training.

Trained and certified by the prestigious Protocol School of Washington®

Julie has been trained and certified as a consultant in corporate etiquette and international protocol by The Protocol School of Washington® - the first and only school of its kind accredited by the Accrediting Council for Continuing Education and Training, recognised by the United States Department of Education.

As a leading educational institution, the Washington School provides international protocol, cross-cultural awareness, business etiquette and image training that prepares professionals with the critical behaviors necessary to build lasting business relationships. It also has a sophisticated network that spans 60 countries and celebrates two decades as the global leader in protocol and etiquette training and certification.

As a first to bring this leading training to the Southern Hemisphere, Julie brings internationally recognised knowledge, insights and a uniquely adapted curriculum to the Sydney School’s foundation.

The School’s alumnae and its’ programs

The School’s alumnae include children to young adults and senior corporate executives. These unique programs build knowledge and skills across a breadth of areas including; personal presentation, personal brand building, skills for advancing career opportunities and building relationships.

Julie and her skilled team of industry experts deliver the programs. The team bears a unique combination of experience and training, in image, presentation and personal branding, deportment and modelling, styling, health and well-being and multi-faceted communication and career development. With a focus on equipping their graduates with the knowledge and behavioural skills to develop a strong personal brand – the school proudly nurtures the skills, knowledge and confidence to respond with presence in differing business, cultural and life situations.

The Sydney School’s location

The School partners with the Sofitel Sydney Wentworth Hotel in Sydney’s CBD. With this comes an added sense of luxury and impeccable organisation. In addition to running programs at the hotel, Julie’s team are proud to offer transportable services to customers Australia-wide and off shore – which include face-to-face coaching, mentoring and bespoke program building.

Perception is the deal breaker   

It is not just about coping with your cutlery at a foreign banquet. It is how you create a good impression and feel confident in social and business situations – online or face-to-face. University Degrees and expertise do not always guarantee success. How you are perceived can be the real deal breaker – and this is why the Sydney School exists.

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