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“Who are you?” is the number one question corporate connections want to find an answer to when networking over canapé’s and a drink.

The global business environment is evolving in a changing and highly competitive market. Navigating complex business and social relationships, locally and in different countries requires a level of proficiency in global etiquette and protocol intelligence.

How well tuned are your skills in navigating complex situations and social and business relationships?

Apart from getting a sense of who you are, being able to adapt to different situations in different environments requires us to be intuitive and culturally sensitive to many different personality types, styles and environments.

This builds character and resilience and adds value to each individual's personal and company brand. The right approach in the right situation more than often delivers an advantage. Knowing “what is appropriate when” is an art and a science many of our clients have identified as a skill they are keen to develop.

Take the Personal Brand self audit today and identify where you have the opportunity to step up and gain an edge.


Click on each self audit link below and rate yourself between 1-10 on each of the questions.

(1- rating poor/not confident at all/not really and 10- rating outstanding/very confident/absolutely)

I. Image & Presentation

Self Audit - Image & Presentation

II. Personal Brand

Self Audit - Personal Brand

III. Career Advancement

Self Audit - Career Advancement

IV. Global Intelligence

Self Audit - Global Intelligence

You can find these on the Sydney School of Protocol website under “What We Do”.

These are the key indicators of personal branding, etiquette intelligence and cultural awareness.

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