Portfolio Management

To gain a competitive edge and advance to the top, the Sydney School of Protocol offer clients a thorough needs analysis to ensure programs suit individual needs. To help improve your soft skills, polish your style, improve your communication skills and build your confidence, we offer complete programs or an integrated series of Master Classes. 

Resume Makeover
Bringing out your unique values 
Articulation and being concise
Creating role / industry relevance

Create your own Business Card
Style and design recommendation
Personal brand
Effective wording and slogans

Perfect your Cover Letter
Essential criteria for a perfect cover letter and supporting statements
Review of job description
Recommendations on writing style
Bringing out the essence of you as a candidate

Website Makeover
Building web presence
Recommended strategic sections
Style and design recommendation
Business brand

LinkedIn Profile Makeover
Building presence on LinkedIn
Effective use of LinkedIn
Professional media etiquette
Personal portfolio design

Styling and Business Wardrobe
Hair styling
Business wardrobe style
Dress to your body type
Accessorise appropriately
Skin and health care
Makeup application

Communication across Channels
Alignment of communications
Consistency and effective wording
Building credibility in communications

Business Etiquette
Forms of address
Ranks and status
Business cards
Name cards
Effective small talk
Negotiation skills

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