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Welcome to the Sydney School of Protocol

Australia’s “go to” experts in modern etiquette and international protocol intelligence.
As the first consulting company to bring The Protocol School of Washington programs to Australia, our training is uniquely adapted to meet our clients varied needs.

Graduates from young adults to corporate executives develop personal and professional skills that give them the composure and confidence to excel in a changing environment.

Underpinned by a strong educational curriculum and practical corporate experience, the School broadly focuses on image and presentation, personal branding, career advancement, global intelligence, inter-cultural relations, customer experience and service training.

Offering a needs led approach to design, a range of unique services are available including; on line and off line master classes, educational events, seminars, tailor-made solutions and one-on-one private coaching.

Client Testimonials

"Had I picked up only a quarter of what I learned from the Sydney School of Protocol's Finishing and Dining course, it still would have been entirely worth the investment. Julie and Ariel are both naturally polished people with much to offer, and Julie (who founded the School) with her deep experience in etiquette is switched on to the nuances of modern business and social situations. The location and overall quality of the experience is excellent. " 

Kate - Change Manager, Special Winter Edition Finishing Program  

Discovery Programs

via Online Training 

Thinking of pivoting your career in our new workplace and business environment? 

For those unable to participate in our face to face training Discovery programs we also offer you training via online video 

This program is designed for Executives & Professionals

 Click here for the Program Outline and Outcomes 

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 Discovery Program Testimonial | Jenny Jiao 

  Western Business Etiquette, Image & Presentation

A pleasure to host our participants, an enthusiastic and professional Bank of China teams in both Sydney & Melbourne. 
An interactive program focused on Western business etiquette, personal brand, image and presentation. A program designed for taking away tangible, global corporate soft skills that can be put in place immediately.

western business etiquette

We work with the Bank of China
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Global Corporate Citizen 

We are excited to announce a partnership with DNC Career Consulting. Together we have developed a unique "Australia Local Workplace Bootcamp". This Global Corporate Citizen program will help Chinese graduates understand Western culture, gain a competitive advantage and succeed in the Australian workplace.

悉尼国际礼仪学校同 DNC Career Consulting 合作联手打造 澳大利亚2020职场小白助力营。




To find out how the Sydney School of Protocol can deliver a tailored solution for your organisation and business. 

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The Founder

Julie brings over 20 years of proven experience in building brands and transforming individuals.

Her career began in education with a Diploma of Education and Teaching along with five years of practical experience.

A strong educational leader, playing key roles in service strategy, design and development, brands and marketing. As Head of Customer Experience Delivery at Qantas Airways Julie drove strategic initiatives to develop a cross company focus, which included creating a Centre of Service Excellence to host all service training and development. 16,000 staff participated in an experiential learning program linking the brand, service and people.

Julie is a graduate of the Protocol School of Washington® and is passionate about bringing Business Etiquette, International Protocol and Customer Service skills development to individuals and groups to help them excel in any area of life including business and social environments.

View our live interview on the Seven Network.
"Tips and tricks for making a good impression" with hosts Tom Williams and Sarah Cumming on The Daily Edition, Tuesday 08 November 2016


We invite you to explore the Personal Brand Self Audit and discover your true potential and the opportunities for enhancing and refining your brand.

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