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Welcome to the Sydney School of Protocol

Australia’s “go to” experts in modern etiquette and international protocol intelligence.
As the first consulting company to bring The Protocol School of Washington programs to Australia, our training is uniquely adapted to meet our clients varied needs.

From professionals advancing on a career path or considering a change in direction, to graduates, young adults and corporate executives, we help develop personal and professional skills that give our clients the composure and confidence to excel in a changing environment.

Underpinned by a strong educational curriculum and practical corporate experience, the School broadly focuses on personal brandingimage and presentation, career advancement, becoming a global corporate citizen, inter-cultural relations, customer experience and service training.

Offering a needs led approach to design, a range of unique services are available including; online and offline master classes, educational events, seminars, tailor-made solutions and one-on-one private coaching.

Our online training programs are designed for developing and refining your soft skills.

The online training programmes have been uniquely designed by the HURU LEARN expert tutors, in affiliation with the Sydney School of Protocol, led by Courtenay Kleu Founder of The School of Etiquette and HURU LEARN, Africa and the Middle East’s leading social and business protocol training institute.

In consultation with Julie Lamberg-Burnet Founder/Director Sydney School of Protocol, Australia's "go to expert" on personal brand, modern etiquette and protocol, the training programmes have been enhanced by Courtenay and Julie's international experience, expertise and flair.

The online programs will provide you with the key strategies, skills and knowledge to give you complete confidence, polish and presence, in both personal and professional settings.

You can learn at your own pace, in your own time, on your choice of programs to suit your needs and interests.

Whether you are a graduate, professional or a corporate business seeking to support your teams, the series will deliver the tangible skills for knowing how to confidently interact socially and professionally. This accelerates promotion at work and results in a happier social life.

With 85% of job success relating to securing, keeping and advancing in a position, these online programmes are tailored to enhance your vital people and social skills.

You will learn the skills to become a better, more confident and professional you.

Soft skills enhance your social interaction, job performance and career prospects.

Client Testimonials

Latest Testimonial  

"Julie and Ariel from Sydney School of Protocol are professional, friendly and very helpful. They helped me to learn technique which is constructive to my career and personal life. I was worried it wouldn’t be worth paying for the course but they provided me advice which inspired my life and career." Milton Kwok 2023 

Women in Front & Outclass the Competition Programs 

For exceptional leaders to amplify their impact, gravitas and personal brand. Designed for professionals aspiring to be in the C-suite, pivoting on your career path and graduates. This program is designed to support you to elevate your leadership skills and presence in business and social settings.

 Recent studies highlight the challenges women and men in either mid-career or who the market defines as "middle-aged" are experiencing in responding to the needs of the current job market  Whether you are either re-entering the business market or considering pivoting your career, fine tuning your soft skills and gaining new tools will increase your chances of successfully achieving what you desire for your future. 

Join Julie Lamberg-Burnet, accredited by the Protocol School of Washington, for a uniquely tailored either Women in Front or Outclass the Competition both offer a series of mastery modules to support you to enhance your personal brand and reputation. Through a practical and research based mastery experience, you will elevate your understanding of how to build a personal brand and how to create alignment with a business brand. You will gain tools for building your confidence, for developing your presence, and to help you understand and use the subtle social nuances that help to build successful personal and professional relationships.

This mastery program will enable you to communicate and interact with others to build confidence and increase trust. You will learn how to manage expectations, develop a strong network and personal brand. Armed with those skills you will be well prepared for seeking out and exploring the current exciting opportunities in the market place. 

You will be inspired to:

  • Use your new confidence and insight to step forward
  • Define new goals and to plan how to achieve them
  • Audit and develop your Personal Brand
  • Refresh your Personal Portfolio - Resume & LinkedIn profiles
  • Exude presence and confidence
  • Present a polished and professional image
  • Communicate potent and consistent messages off-line and on-line
  • Reconnect with your network

You will learn tangible skills and how to:

  • Build on your strengths and identify weaknesses
  • Transfer and transition skills for new roles
  • Understand how to build rapport and relationships
  • Control first impressions, eye movements, and non-verbal signals
  • Mingle, introduce yourself and others
  • Make small talk and interact with ease
  • Network effectively and confidently
  • Be confident and composed during interviews

Women in Front or Outclass the Competition 

Exclusive Four Hour Program for Two 

Private Coaching - Limited to Two Participants 
Total 4 Hours 1000 – 1400

Exclusive Fee: $1500 (+GST) per participant

Contact Julie Lamberg-Burnet at for more information or book for a complimentary needs analysis.


The Art of Dining & Entertaining

Master Classes with our CEO Julie Lamberg-Burnet

Tailored for small intimate groups to larger gatherings. Suited to professionals, corporates, retail and hospitality teams wishing to elevate and refine their dining etiquette and hosting skills. Call to discuss and take advantage of our service with a complimentary proposal.    

"Thank you for such a wonderful day. The team thoroughly enjoyed the Dine like a Diplomat session and felt a great benefit of the time spent with you with nothing but positive feedback and plenty of helpful skills which they can take onboard when next hosting clients" 


Download PDF for more information and details for small groups.
For larger groups click on Lifestyle Programs for details and DM for a complimentary tailored proposal and quotation. 

 Western Business Etiquette, Image & Presentation

An interactive program with both face to face and online mastery programs focused on Western business etiquette, personal brand, image and presentation. A program designed for taking away tangible, global corporate soft skills that can be put in place immediately.

western business etiquette

Western Business Etiquette

We work with the Bank of China
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To find out how the Sydney School of Protocol can deliver a tailored solution for your organisation and business. 

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The Founder

Julie brings over 20 years of proven experience in building brands and transforming individuals.

Her career began in education with a Diploma of Education and Teaching along with five years of practical experience.

A strong educational leader, playing key roles in service strategy, design and development, brands and marketing. As Head of Customer Experience Delivery at Qantas Airways Julie drove strategic initiatives to develop a cross company focus, which included creating a Centre of Service Excellence to host all service training and development. 16,000 staff participated in an experiential learning program linking the brand, service and people.

Julie is a graduate of the Protocol School of Washington® and is passionate about bringing Business Etiquette, International Protocol and Customer Service skills development to individuals and groups to help them excel in any area of life including business and social environments.

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We invite you to explore the Personal Brand Self Audit and discover your true potential and the opportunities for enhancing and refining your brand.

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