Self Audit

Personal Brand Self Audit


Rate yourself on a scale of 1 - 10 on each of the questions. (1 = poor/not confident at all/not really and 10 = outstanding/very confident/absolutely.)
When you have completed the assessment  it will be clear to you which aspects of personal brand  are stong and which could be improved.
This shows an example. Use this tool and rate yourself  beside each of the points using the scale of 1-10 as outlined above.

Question Points
Presenting myself
How well do you represent yourself – your brand?
First impressions
How well have you mastered creating a positive and memorable first impression?
Greeting people
How well have you perfected your ultimate greeting for colleagues and clients?
30 second introduction
Have you perfected your 30 second introduction?
Mindfully engaging with people
How present and non-distracted are you when engaging with a person or a group?
Remembering names
How well do you remember names when you are introduced?
Diplomacy and professionalism
How well do you communicate with diplomacy and professionalism?
Body language and voice
What is your body language and use of voice telling people about you?
Social media channels
Do you manage social media channels to promote your brand?
Online communication protocols
What protocols do you consider when communicating on line?
Business card presentation
Are you aware of how to present your business card as an extension of your brand?
Cultural sensitivity
Do you always know how to respond in varying situations with cultural sensitivity?  
Etiquette intelligence
How would you regard your level of etiquette intelligence? 
Entertaining as host
Are you a confident and gracious host when entertaining? 
Confidence entering a room
How confident are you entering a room of people? 
Giving thanks
When was the last time you sent a written thank you note and when is this appropriate? 
Giving an apology
How well do you know how to structure a complete and meaningful apology, when one is needed? 
Confidence in different settings
How confident are you in formal and informal settings and in different cultural settings? 
How successful are you in business networking? 
Open ended questions
How well do you ask open ended questions to increase your mingling proficiency? 
Dining etiquette
How good are your table manners? 
Personal presence
How would you rate your personal presence? 
Confidence presenting
How confident are you at presenting to a group of people, an audience? 
Follow up and follow through
How well do you follow up after meeting a person or, follow through when you have promised to do something? 

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Opportunity to Improve:


My personal brand effectiveness
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