Is etiquette intelligence an advantage today?

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We are often asked about the relevance of etiquette today. With the recent launch of Downton Abbey's Season 5 Home Entertainment series, this brought into question is Downton Abbey’s etiquette out-dated?

Throughout the Sydney School of Protocol’s research into the lives of the Crawley family at Downton Abbey, in collaboration with Universal Sony and BangPR for the launch of the series, our studies revealed that many aspects of our lives are of a similar nature. 

Although we are less formal today, we face many of the same challenges and seek similar opportunities that the staff and aristocracy played out at Downton.

A few modern day themes we share with this period drama:

A time of great change - the outbreak of wars, the Spanish Influenza pandemic, the Teapot Dome Scandal to the General Election of 1923 heralded changes for the Crawley family and staff. All of which is similar to today’s fast paced technology, complex and ever changing business and social environments.

Managing business opportunities - managing the Downton Estate to be a viable operation is no different to our present day necessity for keeping a business progressing and driving a return on investment.

Connecting with the globe - Downton connected with the larger world in 1924 with the arrival of the radio and today our rapid, responsive global communications network, connectivity and narrowing borders have created a smaller world.

Etiquette and protocols have not changed for many centuries – it is the landscape that has changed. The only difference between Downton Abbey in the 1920’s and today is their world revolved around the Estate. Our interconnected world is much larger almost on a 24 hour basis, but our respect and etiquette for our friends, colleagues and fellow travellers by necessity remains the same.

“Etiquette” has evolved into a modern day application – it is about respect for people and developing successful relationships. In today’s world this is reflected in how adaptable we need to be in the way we interact with people, varying circumstances and situations.

Across increased channels of communication, the competitive job market, and the complexity of dynamics to build relationships with people, there is a need in knowing how to act and behave in business and social settings. Etiquette intelligence will give you the advantage. 

Click here to read and view the Sydney School of Protocol media experiences for Downton Abbey Series 5

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