Online Learning

Online Learning

Introducing online soft skills courses to Australia in 
affiliation with HURU LEARN, South Africa.

It is a pleasure to collaborate with my good friend and colleague Courtenay Kleu, the Founder & Director of The School of Etiquette and HURU LEARN based in South Africa, on this outstanding suite of online soft skills training programmes.

As graduates of the Protocol School of Washington we share many synergies between our services, approach and learning content. Our expertise is sought after by corporates, universities and professionals in both South Africa, the Middle East and Australia.

We are both leading educationalists in soft skills and accredited by the prestigious Protocol School of Washington.

As leaders and experts in helping people become professional, polished and confident in life and work, Courtenay and I look forward to sharing the knowledge and power of these dedicated online soft skills HURU LEARN mastery e-programmes.

Courtenay Kleu and Julie Lamberg-Burnet in Johannesburg, South Africa

As leaders and experts in helping people become professional, polished and confident, the Sydney School of Protocol has collaborated with The School of Etiquette and is excited to offer the unique HURU LEARN mastery e-programs to our Australian clients.


HURU LEARN brings a new curated approach to online learning.

With handpicked topics taught by experts in their respective fields, HURU LEARN will complement the Sydney School of Protocols suite of face to face learning programs.

Through our joint vision to offer our unique, soft skills development training online we can elevate and fine tune your professional skills for your future success.

HURU LEARN includes a series of e-masterclass courses in social connection, personal development and high level performance for people who want to unlock a life of success with momentum.

HURU LEARN is suitable for professionals, graduates, corporates, retail and hospitality.

Please use discount code ‘SSOPBenefits’ at HURU LEARN checkout and receive 10% discount.

Professional Brand of You

A complete course for professional behaviour - how you present yourselves in meetings and events, what you say in emails, on the phone and in person. How you manage first impressions to last impressions.

How to walk in to a room, what to do, where to go, what to say and who to speak to. From greetings to networking, to boardrooms, to customer relationship events. How you look and handle yourself, depicts the calibre of your organisation and your professional brand.


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Social Brand of You

The Social Brand of You course, teaches you how to authentically connect with new people, humbly influence and vigorously thrive in social and professional interactions.

In short, it teaches you how to move freely into and out of every social situation you find yourself in. The complete blueprint for learning how to be socially successful and improve your self esteem.


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Strategic Body Language

Research undertaken over many studies confirms that body language forms a large part of how human beings communicate with each other.

Learning and understanding body language as a subtle art, which means you will need to become knowledgeable on how to identify and contextualise different body language examples in order for you to utilise these skills in your day-to-day life.

Learn to understand body language as a subtle art of communication allowing you to become knowledgeable on how to identify and contextualise different body language positions and read people's subtle movements and what this indicates about their frame of mind.

This course will ensure that you read people better, improving your interactions and success in both your professional and social life. 


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Interview Ace

Are you preparing for an interview? Looking to land the job of your dreams? Are you trying to move up the ladder and win yourself a bigger and better position? Maybe you are not sure how to present yourself better than other similarly skilled candidates?

The Interview Ace Course will give you all the need-to-know skills and tricks in a highly impactful and short course. This course will ensure that you swiftly learn how to outshine your competition, by giving you the right framework to prepare and present yourself in the most memorable light in the most competitive job markets.

By the end of this course you will be completely prepared for your first interview. 


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The Virtual Meeting Maestro

The Virtual Meeting Maestro online course  is designed to fast track you down the path to virtual professionalism ensuring that your conduct over these platforms is one less thing you need to worry about.

In fact your seamless handling of yourself and others over these virtual platforms has the ability to elevate your impression above your competition.


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