People and Brand Alignment

To advance to the top the Sydney School of Protocol offer clients a thorough needs analysis to ensure classes suit individual needs. To help improve soft skills, polish style, improve communication skills and build confidence we offer complete programs and an integrated series of Master Classes.


  • Alignment of people with the brand and business goals
  • Increased customer intimacy and what this looks like for teams
  • Creating front line ambassadors and service champions

Connecting the Business Brand
and People
Delivering on your customer promise
Keeping customers engaged
Training and induction
Just in time management

Communication, Protocols and 
Managing the end to end client experience
Creating the environment
All in the details

Service Excellence
Customer communication across channels
Relationship building
International business protocols and terminology
Effective communications

Image and Presentation
Personal presentation
Posture and professionalism
Building confidence
Speaking to your audience
Negotiation skills

Brand Ambassadorship
Handling customers with ease
Relationship building
From brand to experience enhancement
Systems for continuous improvement

Collaborative Work Culture
How to integrate channels
How to maximise your service framework
Confidence and consistency 
Building a sustainable service framework

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