High Tea and Etiquette Master Classes at the Sofitel Sydney Wentworth - June 2013 Series

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Our special guests enjoyed the experience of taking tea in the beautiful Sofitel Sydney Wentworth Soiree lounge.  The Classic Wentworth High Tea featured the Wentworth Cheesecake – from the original Wentworth family recipe collection along with an exquisite collection of dainty savouries, delicious finger sandwiches to divine macaroons.

Our gracious and professional host, Ashley Mackintosh, the Soiree Team Leader, at the Sofitel Sydney, ensured our guests enjoyed the best of the Sofitel experience.

A number of our guests shared stories of their High Tea experiences overseas from the Ritz in London to unique tea ceremonies in Japan and China.

Over lots of conversation and fun we shared the finer details of tea drinking, the history and origins of tea and etiquette tips, from how to hold the teacup and saucer when seated and standing, to how to use a napkin and finesse the food.

Your “pinkie up or down “ was an interesting discussion with our guests on Sunday. Contrary to popular belief, the ring and pinkie fingers should not be extended, but should rest by curving gently back toward your wrist. Emily Post was adamantly opposed to the pinkie sticking out because she thought it was improper and rude. The crooked or extended pinkie dates back to the 11th Century Crusaders – in ancient Rome a cultured person ate with three fingers and a commoner with five – thus the birth of the raised pinkie as a sign of elitism.

We look forward to offering more Etiquette High Tea / Afternoon Tea Master Classes along with the Dining Like a Diplomat Master Classes in the next series of events, to be featured on the Sydney School of Protocol calendar.

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